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Two good friends and hunting buddies, Steve, a maintenance engineer and Jim, a GM shop worker, were sitting in Jim’s garage. They had been talking about how it would be nice to have enough cash to retire and be comfortable. As they were talking Steve said to Jim, “We should go into business together making custom hunting knives. Between the skills you and I have we should be able to make and sell great looking and durable knives by hand and from scratch that collectors and hunters would be extremely happy to own and use.” Both friends laughed and agreed this would be great to do on the side for some extra money.

As the BS Sessions continued in Jim’s garage, the buddies talked about all the different equipment they would need and the problems they would encounter to put their product out there. As time went by, a few knives were created and shown to friends and relatives. One night during one of their many BS sessions, Steve said to Jim, “You know we need to name our company. All the people where I work have been giving me suggestions. Chio, a boss and mentor of sorts to me, suggested Flat Belly.” Both buds laughed. Steve proceeded to show Jim a fat belly drop point knife he had been working on. Jim, while rubbing his own rather large belly. said to Steve, “Why don’t we call it the Fat Belly Knife Company.” Both buds had a good laugh over the name. Jim said to Steve, “Why don’t we have a little guy with a fat belly for a logo.” Thus, the Fat Belly Knife Company was born. From that point on, any one who heard the name always has laughed.

Steve began asking his bosses, Chio, the mentor and Peter, the upstanding savvy businessman, the many different questions to which answers were needed. During one of the many informational sessions, it was brought up why not diversify out into many different products. After confirming with Jim, Fat Belly Products was born. Thus, began the real learning curve for all four business partners.

First was finding an attorney to protect the name and copy rights of our company and logo. Then, we were on to the web store classes. What a learning curve we had, but Chio kept it light with a few jokes and comments. Boy, what a sense of humor. Peter kept us in line as businessmen.

After many weeks and a few months of computer and leg work along with a few more B.S. “brain storming” sessions, a company was found that could help fill your needs. The company’s personnel were greatly helpful in developing our product lines. We hope to grow into bigger and better products.

Hopefully, we will be able to fulfill all your needs as we grow.


The Fat Belly Guys

Jim, Steve, Chio, Peter

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